Three days ahead of Wayne Rooney will celebrate 30 anniversary

during the Barclays Premier League match between Arsenal and Manchester United at Emirates Stadium on October 4, 2015 in London, England.
during the Barclays Premier League match between Arsenal and Manchester United at Emirates Stadium on October 4, 2015 in London, England.

the period less than satisfactory with Manchester United, Rooney assured that he is still very fit and could give more.
“I’ve been playing football and for me it (age) just numbers,” said Rooney told reporters ahead of the game MU with CSKA Moscow in the Champions League.
Rooney will celebrate its 30th anniversary on 24 October. The birthday celebration will take place in less than ideal conditions for him.
It has been two seasons he failed to win a trophy MU. While his performance under the direction of Louis van Gaal has also invited criticism because of the contribution is minimal and goals are more rarely made in line with changes in the position of playing.
“With regard to me and football, I still feel young, and my career is still long. I do not have a muscle injury seriously and we as players can now support from sport science and the many people who helped us in preparing. So I think this is still the age of the quite young and hopefully I can still pass through many seasons, “said Rooney was quoted as saying by Reuters.
“I feel fitter, fresher than ever. I can not say here that I will play five or 10 years, but it is by no means the same thing I think about,” he said again.
Along MU is now competitive again this season, Rooney hopes he can re-present the trophy.
“We want to come back to win the trophy, that’s for sure. That is the reason you play football – to try to achieve success, especially at this club. In the last few years we were not good enough.
“There are big changes going on in the club in recent years and now his condition began to calm down in a good rhythm, with what the manager wanted and we (players) continues to grow,” completion.

Best Antioxidants There in Vegetables and Fruits

2305122shutterstock-301920422780x390Antioxidant supplements are very popular. However, the best antioxidants are not in pill or tablet. Antioxidants are touted as a shield the body against pollutants and free radicals does have many benefits and keep your body healthy. But, if you want to meet the body’s need for antioxidants, consume vegetables and fruit- fruits.

This is because your body actually requires only small amounts of antioxidants, whereas in the supplement is usually very high concentration. Antioxidant supplements were first introduced by a group of scientists in 1981 to fight free radicals. Various epidemiological studies showed that people who often eat fruits and vegetables lower the risk of colon cancer, diseases of the heart, and other conditions.

The experts then try to find the content of “active” and packed in a pill. The active substance is mistaken for beta-carotene that gives the orange color in carrots, because it is an antioxidant. However, its use is not as simple as that. There was a constant process between acceptor of electrons (radicals) and donor (antioxidant) in order to balance the good and very complicated biochemistry at how cells can survive and grow.

Currently, there are more acceptor or donor, the system will lose balance and damage. So antioxidants excess is not necessarily required. Then in the 1980s conducted research in Seattle, involving 18,000 men and women who were randomly given a tablet containing beta-carotene or tablet that has no active ingredients (placebo). The experts are planning to follow the respondents were over 10 years and thought that the group that received beta-carotene is a lower risk of lung cancer.

However, the opposite happens and the study to be stopped early because the beta-carotene group have increased lung cancer. The same was found in studies in Finland. The amount of beta-carotene in the tablet is much higher than in the body naturally. Experts had thought that if the levels of just a little better, especially if a lot. But, in fact they are wrong. In 2007 an analysis of 68 randomized trials of antioxidant supplements that showed an increased risk of death of 5 percent in the group taking supplements. Recent studies continue to be done. One of them involving 15,000 male physicians who were randomly assigned to 4 types of pills in 1997.

The one containing placebo and the other is vitamin E, vitamin C, or a multivitamin that contains several antioxidants such as vitamin E doses low. In 2011, about 2,700 of 15,000 patients were diagnosed with cancer. Pill contains vitamin C and E seem to have no effect on cancer risk, but the administration of multivitamins lower the risk of death up to 8 percent. However, natural sources remain the best. However, if you want to take supplements, take a multivitamin in low doses.

Grab Taxi Prepare 7 “Supercar” to Treat Consumers

16191397-Supercar-HrabTaxi780x390Singapore, transportation service providers via the application online GrabTaxi provide a memorable ride for its customers in Singapore. Ahead of the convening of racing F1 GP Singapore held 20 September 2015, seven free supercar prepared for carrying around the city by consumers GrabTaxi. “Pensions super” can be enjoyed by residents of Singapore 15 to 20 September 2015, interspersed with kampenye in social media bertagar (#) GrabSpeed.

It became one of the ways GrabTaxi which also operates in Indonesia was to raise the image, while providing an extra service to consumers.

The cars involved are the two units of Aston Martin DB9 Volante convertible, Maserati GranTurismo, Maserati Quattroporte GTS Sports, McLaren MP4-12C, C4S Porsche 911 Cabriolet and Porsche Carrera. All cars are already outfitted with distinctive colors, green and black. How to book him as would a taxi.

Super special cars roamed in some areas such as Orhard Singapore, City Hall, and Tanglin, from 10.00 until 18.00. Afterwards, starting at 20:00 until 12:00, the car will be waiting in the holding area racing F1.

Hundreds of Iranian troops deployed in Syria

1542212Tentara-Suriah1780x390BEIRUT, Hundreds of Iranian soldiers arrived in Syria to support the government of President Bashar al-Assad launched a major ground offensive against the rebels, including on militant groups ISIS. Similarly, a number of sources in Lebanon said on Thursday (10/01/2015).The deployment Iran is a further step of internationalization of the civil war in Syria in which every major country in the region has an interest.

Warplanes Russia to join in the war this week with the bombing of a camp run insurgents who have been trained CIA, said the commander of the rebel group The. It made ​​Moscow and Washington be facing each other in a Middle East conflict for the first time since the Cold War,the US Military and Russia will hold talks at about 22:00 pm Friday via video network to look for ways to maintain their military was not involved in the incident unintentional when they launched air strikes parallel in Syria, said a US defense official. Jet-Russian fighter jets attacked targets near the town of Hama and Homs in western Syria on the second day of their surprise air attacks.

Moscow said the attacks have hit ISIS position or militant Islamic state. However, the attacked region largely controlled by rival rebel alliance ISIS. The alliance group is backed by US allies including Arab countries and Turkey. Hassan Haj Ali, the leader of the rebel group Suqour Liwa al-Jabal, said one of the targets attacked Russian jets it is the base of the group in the province of Idlib. The base was hit by about 20 missiles in two separate attacks. Its members have been trained CIA in Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

The training is part of the program which Washington says is aimed at supporting groups opposed to ISIS and Assad. “Russia is challenging everyone and say that there is no alternative for Bashar,” said Haji Ali. He said the Russian fighter jets have been identified by members of his group who had served as an air force pilot Syria. Two sources in Lebanon told the news agency Reutersthat hundreds of Iranian soldiers arrived in Syria in the last 10 days.

They are equipped with weaponry to conduct major ground offensive. They will also be supported Hezbollah, an ally of Assad in Lebanon, and fighters from Iraqi Shiite militias, while Russia will provide air support. “Forces the pioneer of the ground forces of Iran began to arrive in Syria. Soldiers and officers specifically to participate in the battle. They are not anymore Advisor … we mean hundreds of people with equipment and weapons.

They will be followed by many more soldiers, “said one source. The enemy alike, different friend Pentagon will hold talks with the Russian military in the next few hours to discuss ways avoid accidents between the jet-tet with the US-led coalition fighter jets Moscow.The US has repeatedly stressed the need for Russia to communicate with it related to when and where Russia plans to fly a jet fighter and launched bombing.

The discussion was aimed mengelimnasi risk fighter jets from the forces of different inadvertently bertabarakan track. Sudden decision of Russia to join in the war by launching air strikes which supports Assad, as well as increased involvement of the Iranian military, could mark an important turning point in the conflict that suck most of a world military power. Both the old enemy in the Cold War, which Washington and Moscow, are now engaged in fighting in the same country for the first time since World War II. The US had already led alliance ISIS air strikes against militants in Syria.

Both sides say they have a common enemy, namely ISIS Sunni militant group that has proclaimed a caliphate in eastern Syria and northern Iraq. But they also have friends who are very different, and conflicting views sharply on how to resolve the civil war that has lasted four years in Syria, which killed more than 250,000 people and driven more than 10 million others from their homes. Washington and ISIS and its allies against Assad. The US and its allies are confident that every effort amicable settlement, Assad must step down from power. Washington said, a central part of his strategy was to form rebel “moderates” against Assad and ISIS, although so far it has trouble finding plenty of fighters who want to receive training.Instead , Moscow supports the Syrian president and believe the government should be the center of international efforts to combat extremist groups.

Russia appears to be using the attacks on ISIS as a pretext to attack the groups supported by Washington and its allies, as a way to defend the government of Damascus who had become an ally Moscow since the Cold War. The attack Russia is a bold step President Vladimir Putin to assert its influence beyond the neighboring countries. It was the first time Moscow ordered its troops fought outside its borders since the Soviet Union in Afghanistan in the 1980s that led to failure.

Worth Rp 905 trillion, The Most Expensive Acquisition in The Industrial Technology

1303595dell3780x390 Dell has signed an agreement to acquire the data storage company EMC Corp. with a value of 67 billion US dollars (US), or around Rp 905 trillion. It became the largest acquisition by value in the history of the technology industry.

Dell made ​​acquisitions with the aim of helping to diversify the services and enlarge business scalecloud. Currently the PC market which is their mainstay has been deserted due to the increasing trend of handheld devices. Step Dell to expand beyond the PC business is actually imitating competitors magnitude.

Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP), which is the world’s number two PC maker, has separated the computer and printer business in order to focus on the business of enterprise data. IBM already sells PC unit since a decade ago.Reported , a combination between the business server Dell with asset visualization and storage media will produce more products that will challenge Cisco, IBM, and HP, especially in the area of cloud computing, mobility, security and cyber. “I’m not sure that Dell and EMC can walk alone for a long time.

They really need each other,” said Eric Johnson, academics from the Owen Graduate School of Management at Vanderbilt University. “Dell tends to be on the side of the consumer which is the worst place, while EMC has a number of products enterprise,but do not have a complete solution,” he added. EMC is a large enterprise engaged in technology solutions for corporations. They constitute one of the world’s largest company in the provision of data storage solutions.

Their assets will be passed over to Dell through the acquisition, among others, RSA Security and VMware. RSA Security is a security company that is known for authenticity SecurID, while VMware is a company of softwarevirtualization.